Armor reduces damage taken by a percentage. The effects of multiple pieces of armor are additive, so equipping all 3 pieces of iron armor will reduce all damage taken by 5+8+11 = 24%.

Each time you get hit your armor has a small chance to become damaged. Loovma ranks will reduce the chance of armor becoming damaged on hit. Armor will not become weaker when damaged, but on the 5th level of damage it will no longer protect you and will be automatically unequipped. If it is equipped and becomes damaged once more after that it will be permanently destroyed. Repair your armor to prevent this from happening.

Shields and Breastplates will also reduce your movement speed unless you're a Champion. Helmets do not reduce your movement speed. Due to integer rounding, the speed reduction will actually vary slightly from the values shown below depending on the direction you're moving.

  Stats Repair Costs
  Damage Reduction Speed Reduction Wear 1 Wear 2 Wear 3 Wear 4 Wear 5
Helmets Bronze 3% None ? ? ? ? ?
Iron 5% None ? ? ? ? ?
Shields Bronze 7% ~3% ? ? ? ? ?
Iron 8% ~3% ? ? ? ? ?
Breastplates Rockodile 4% ~3% - - - - -
Bronze 9% ~6% ? ? ? ? ?
Iron 11% ~6% ? ? ? ? ?

Use /examine on an armor piece to see how worn out it is.
Not damaged = "This ___ is in nearly perfect condition."
Wear 1 = "This ___ is in very good condition."
Wear 2 = "This ___ is starting to look a little worn."
Wear 3 = "This ___ is starting to look a little worn." (Identical to previous message)
Wear 4 = "This ___ is in serious need of repair."
Wear 5 = "This ___ is going to fall apart any day now."

Other Equipment:

When considering a weapon's overall influence on your swings, one must consider the weapon's offensive stats as well as its Max Balance and Balance Recovery stats. Accuracy and Damage stats affect the amount of Balance consumed per swing, which is separate from Max Balance and Balance Recovery.

Net Ranks is total number of ranks you would have to train to train/lose to gain the stats of the weapon. It assumes you would train your Max Balance through Swengus instead of Balthus, but does not assume you would use Evus or other combo trainers.

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