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Metz Overview

Full Metz Map


Metz Sparkles:
Lava Cave (Middle-North Edge of Island)
West Rainforest Ruins (Middle-South Edge of Island)
Basalt Temple (Northwest Island Corner)
River Island (Middle-East Edge of Island)
Gloaming Cave (Middle-West Edge of Island)
Deathroot Temple (Center of Island)
Rainforest Illusion (Middle-South Edge of Island)
Twilight Passes Illusion (Northwest Island Corner, no screenshot yet)

Other Metz Screenshots:
West Rainforest Ruins Exit (Entrance closed)
Underwater Staircase (Leads to River Island Sparkles)
Tepui Obelisks
Tepui Overlooking Discolored Spot
South Rainforest Ruins Illusion Entry
South Rainforest Sparkles Before Triggered
Tepui Door Open
Tepui Temple Altar
Tepui Temple Closed Doors
Tepui Temple Ruins on West Side