Beastlore Calculator v1.4

Monster list taken from Org du Lac's Bestiary.
Family categorizations are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.


Select a family from the families list, or use the search field to search for a creature.
Select a creature from the creatures list.
Click the corresponding button for which stage of study you want for the selected creature.
Repeat the process for every creature you want to have studied.
Alternatively, the Reflect List field can be used to load in an entire study list from your belt's /reflect readout.

Enter in your Gossamer ranks, then your Duvin ranks by either effective or trained amount.
The other Duvin field will be updated for you.
If changes are made to your Gossamer ranks, your effective total Duvin will only be automatically updated if your Duvin is being specified by trained amount.


Extra Duvin spent on unlisted or miscategorized creatures.

Gossamer ranks.
Trained Duvin ranks.
Effective Duvin ranks.
Data Sets
Using cookies you can save and load up to 5 different sets of data. When you switch sets the previous data set is only saved until the page is reloaded. Click the Save button to permanently save the set to a cookie, and the Revert button to revert the set to the data stored in its cookie.
Set Set Name

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Reflect List Entry

In game, use the command: "/useitem belt /reflect".
Copy and paste the results pertaining to the creatures you've completed studies on into this field, *including* the following lines: "•You have studied the following creatures:", "•You have learned to befriend the following creatures:", and "•You have learned to assume the shape of the following creatures:".
Click the Add Creatures button to add the list of creatures to your set.