Gossamer Nerf Calculator
Each cell in the grid shows how much Atkus you will swing with, given your natural Atkus, Gossamer ranks, and Atkus needed to hit. Example: If the cell says 800 underneath 500 Atkus Needed and to the right of 350 Natural Atkus, that means that if you have 350 Natural Atkus and are attacking something that you would need 500 Atkus to hit, your swing will cost as much balance as if you had 800 Atkus. You can also choose from a few other types of results from the dropdown just below. Please note that the severity and even the very nature of this nerf is highly subject to change, and may not even be implemented.

Show in Grid Cells
Color Key
Full Atkus Conservation
Partial Atkus Conservation
No Atkus Conservation
Not Enough Atkus to Hit
Natural Darkus
Study Level

Use the field below to enter in a new formula for the nerfed Goss, in javascript code. Click Update to apply the formula.
The following parameters are passed to the function:
  • GossRanks - Number of Goss ranks.
  • BonusPercent - 100 if using full studied bonus. 10-50 if using family bonus.
  • AtkusNeeded - The difference between the Atkus needed to hit the creature, and the character's natural Atkus. May be negative.
  • BaseAtkus - Character's natural Atkus ranks.
  • BaseDarkus - Character's natural Darkus ranks.
The code must set the following variables:
  • Atkus - Number of Atkus ranks given by the Goss.
  • Darkus - Number of Darkus ranks given by the Goss.
  • MaxAtkus - Highest possible Atkus bonus that the Goss could give.
  • MaxDarkus - Highest possible Darkus bonus that the Goss could give.