Share Formations

Share formations can save a rankwhore if executed well. They also allow you to organize your shares for different tasks efficiently. However, because of the chaotic nature of roleplayers, formations are rarely used. If, however, every group member knows these formations, groups can quickly organize to take on special and surprise situations.

I've already covered two basic formations, one is called "Donut Share" and the other is "Lollipop Share." They're pretty self explanatory, but I need to give them their proper space.

By the Way, ALL formations require fighters to stand at least one full body length away from the next closest exile. This is because you never know what direction you might have to move in, and standing too close causes people to bump into each other. Also all mobile formations use rotating shares working in precision, to deliver co-ordinated experience at about the same time, confusing roleplayers into immobility. Mobile shares take a high degree of control and skill to execute cleanly without bumping into each other. Wait, what?

In case it wasn't obvious, this page is a parody of Noivad's Group Formations.

1 Donut Share
2 Lollipop Share
3 Share Sandwich
4 Share Soda
5 Sprinkled Donut Share
6 String Cheese Share

Donut Share

Works with any number of fighters. Each fighter shares once clockwise for each free share slot. More commonly known as the Circle Share.

It's best used when all fighters are of roughly equal slaughter levels.

Lollipop Share

Requires 5 fighters and 3 free share slots. The stick fighters cross-share the candy fighters. The candy fighters share once clockwise.

It's best used when 3 high-slaughter fighters are hunting with 2 low-slaughter fighters, or the other way around.

Share Sandwich

Requires 6 fighters and 3 free share slots. The top-bun fighters cross-share with the bottom-bun fighters.

It's best used when 3 high-slaughter fighters are hunting with 3 low-slaughter fighters.

This can also be done with 4 fighters and 2 free share slots, where 2 fighters form each side of the sandwich. This variation is called the Junior Cheeseburger Share.

Share Soda

Requires 5 fighters and 2 free share slots. The straw fighter cross-shares with the fighters forming the bottom of the can. The rim fighters cross-share with each other. The left-rim fighter cross-shares with the left-bottom fighter. The right-rim fighter cross-shares with the right-bottom fighter.

It's best used when 2 high-slaughter fighters are hunting with 2 mid-slaughter fighters and 1 low-slaughter fighter. The low-slaughter fighter should be the straw and the high-slaughter fighters should be the bottom-can.

Sprinkled Donut Share

Requires 2 free share slots. Each fighter cross-shares the 2 adjacent fighters.

It's best used when there are an equal number of high-slaughter and low-slaughter fighters. There should be a low-slaughter fighter inbetween each high-slaughter fighter.

String Cheese Share

Requires 1 free share slot. Fighters line up in order of slaughter levels, from highest slaughter on the left to lowest slaughter on the right. From left to right each fighter takes a turn picking another fighter's share. Once a fighter's share has been picked, that fighter takes a step south to avoid confusion.